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Luca Dellanna – Quality x Operations

By July 2nd, 2024Podcasts


Luca Dellanna is a management advisor and the author of 9 books. He has been featured on Nudgestock, the largest behavioral sciences conference, and Econtalk, among others. More than 25,000 people around the world read Luca regularly.

What We Discussed

  • Why has Quality become your new research focus? What has fascinated you? What has surprised you?
  • What makes Quality so hard to measure? What role should measurement play in assessing Quality?
  • What are the biggest biases that lead to misunderstandings of Quality in culture and business today?
  • How can we distinguish between Quality in static systems vs. systems that are dynamic and evolve over time?
  • Can one produce / build something of Quality without having an inner “care” for the thing?
  • What role does skin in the game play in Quality?
  • What are the most critical Quality imperatives in business that are most often ignored?
  • How can a business optimise the quality of their decisions across all timescales?
  • If you look out 10 years, very few things matter. How are you thinking about / helping businesses focus on the 10 year items? What are they?
  • How would/should one construct a business focused on Quality differently knowing they are unlikely to experience the average/expected outcome in their area?
  • How can we construct a business to have positive outcomes if it lived 1,000 times? Or 1,000 generations? Are those the same or different answers?
  • What is the most memorable expression of quality (item or experience) that you have ever encountered?