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Mark Hellweg – Quality x Coffee Craftsmanship

By July 2nd, 2024Podcasts


Mark Hellweg is obsessed with bringing high quality coffee to consumers through beautifully designed, sustainable, high quality products. He is the Founder and CEO of Ratio Coffee and Clive Coffee, and a Partner in Able Brewing.

What We Discussed

  • How did your journey start? Why high-end coffee products? What was missing?
  • What in your life has taught you about quality? Products, people, businesses, experiences…
  • What do buyers value in high-end consumer coffee equipment?
  • Why did you choose the principles of design, sustainability, and quality?
  • What have you learned about quality in manufacturing?
  • Very few things will matter 10 years from now. How are you thinking about and focusing your teams on the things that will? What are they?
  • Closing question: What is the most memorable expression of quality that you have experienced?