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Peter Malizia – Quality x Costco

By July 2nd, 2024Podcasts


Peter spent 26 years at Costco Canada and joined in the early 90’s at Price Club. He worked his way up the organisation as a buyer before becoming AGM where he reported to the General Manager who reported to the CEO of Costco Canada. Peter deeply embodies everything Costco and helps us understand what small (yet powerful) patterns persist in Costco even to this day.

What We Discussed

  • What is unique about the business model that leads to its long term success? 
  • How has the culture evolved over the decades to where it is today? 
  • What is different about how Costco measure customer value relative to others?
  • What are the critical unit economics across Costco?
  • How did Costco keep the model so simple over time, where others couldn’t?
  • The weakness emerging from being the largest in your space?
  • The story behind the famous rotisserie chicken?
  • Why was Jim Sinegal so unique?
  • What role did duration play in the longevity of Costco?
  • Closing question: What is the most memorable expression of quality that you have experienced?